A family gets a warm cup of coffee and a warm greeting from their server.

At Big Train, when we talk about family, we mean you. It’s true we’ve been family owned for 40 years, but that’s only half the story. What we really love is seeing customers we’ve known since they were kids bringing kids of their own in to enjoy our home cooking.

Whether you’re one of our classic car enthusiasts, the red hat ladies, or just a family enjoying a meal together, our customers are our family.

We’re not fussy. Just drop on in and pick your own table. The coffee is on and the grill is hot.


A classic car enthusiast with greets two children in front of Big Train.
Our regulars, young and young at heart

In February 2019, a new development on the corner of Nevada and Fillmore required us to move out of our building next to the old K-Mart that had been our home for nearly 40 years.

But not all change is bad! Our beautiful new location on Garden of the Gods Road has more seating capacity for those busy Sunday mornings, and we’ve added an extensive Salad Bar and outdoor patio, plus some exciting new menu choices.

An inside view of the spacious new Big Train Family Restaurant.
Salad bar
Our new salad bar has lots of extras.
Diners on the patio
Enjoy the sunshine on the patio.
Young at Heart (senior) Menu Available.
Now you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer with your meal.


Reva practically grew up at Big Train. She was named for her aunt Reva, who owned the restaurant since 1980, and she worked there as a teenager. In 2006, Reva bought the restaurant from her aunt, and today she continues the family tradition of home cooking and friendly service. “It was my first job, and it will be my last,” Reva says with a smile. “I’ve come full circle.”


Wednesday – Saturday 6am to 8pm
Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday 7am to 3pm

Big Train Family Restaurant
808 Garden of the Gods Rd.


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